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StreetPass Mii Plaza is an application which comes pre-loaded on all Nintendo 3DS systems. In the game, players can meet other players' Miis over StreetPass 

StreetPass is a unique function of all Nintendo 3DS systems that means you can automatically exchange data. This could be anything from getting a helping hand in-battle to competing against a rival! StreetPass Mii Plaza For Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Streetpass Hacking". To activate StreetPass for the 3DS Sound app, tap on the StreetPass button on the lower left of the touch screen. The lower part of the screen will have a button that says StreetPass Off. Tap that and then tap the On button and Confirm to turn StreetPass on. This requires that you have at least one song in the StreetPass playlist. Official Nintendo 3DS Website:‎Like Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: The official Nintendo 3DS StreetPass hub is now open! Learn more about StreetPass-enhanced games, find a hotspot near you with our Hotspot Finder, and discover a new level of social gaming with StreetPass Mii Plaza games!

Através de uma ligação sem fios e sem teres de fazer nada, a tua Nintendo 2DS troca dados com outras consolas da família Nintendo 3DS! Troca personagens Mii e perfis de jogo com outros utilizadores ou desbloqueia novos elementos em títulos para os quais o StreetPass esteja ativado.

WOWZA! More 3DS and Wii coverage here - Your Nintendo 3DS XL system can wirelessly exchange game data with other Nintendo 3DS family consoles as you pass other players on the street, without you having to lift a finger!

Насладитесь социальными играми на новом уровне со StreetPass, только на системах линейки Nintendo 3DS!

Updated StreetPass Mii Plaza features. You can use the new quick plaza to select each StreetPass Mii Plaza game quickly. Players can now store up to 100 Mii characters at the Plaza Gate with purchase of Mii Plaza premium content. New Speech Balloons and in-game shiny pin with purchase of Mii Plaza premium content. Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS combines all the functionality of 3DS XL at an even more affordable price. Play 3DS and DS games, take 3D photos, and connect with friends with StreetPass and SpotPass. Nintendo 3DS includes two screens. The bottom touch screen makes use of a telescoping stylus that is stored in the unit itself. Nintendo 3DS Download Software Slot Car Rivals. Nintendo: Rating: All Ages: StreetPass Slot Racer: Release: Sep 01, 2016 nor otherwise affiliated with Nintendo. It has been created for the Market Crashers (StreetPass Trader in PAL regions) is a fast thinking game developed by Platform(s). 3DS platform icon.png The player can choose this or Slot Car Rivals as a free game before purchasing the others. In this game, Slot Car Rivals (StreetPass Slot Racing in PAL regions) is a racing game developed by Good-Feel Platform(s). 3DS platform icon.png 

Votre Nintendo 3DS XL est capable d'échanger à distance des données de jeu avec les autres consoles de la famille Nintendo 3DS d'autres joueurs que vous croisez dans la rue, sans même que vous n'ayez à lever le petit doigt !

Jun 04, 2020 · Open the program you want to use streetpass on. You can't just go to the system settings and turn streetpass on. Also, streetpass doesn't work for all games or apps. Only select games and apps have this feature, so don't think you can use it on everything. For an example, open up StreetPass Mii Plaza. Wait for it to load and come to your plaza StreetPass (JP) is a feature present in every Nintendo 3DS system that allows users to exchange data from games & applications that the two own. It is on regardless of whether the 3DS is in sleep mode or not (though the system itself must be on), and automatically acts when another 3DS user walks within the console's range. There was recently a Nintendo Direct covering Nintendo 3DS games, including an update to the 3DS StreetPass system, and five new games, including Mii Trek, Feed Mii, Market Crashers, Slot Car Rivals, and Ninja Launcher. Mar 26, 2011 · Nintendo 3DS StreetPass: All You Need To Know Have 3DS, will travel, especially if it means unlocking bonus content and hosting virtual street fights. Spend a few minutes with Nintendo's 3DS, and you'll discover a wealth of enjoyable features that go beyond the system's nifty 3-D screen. Sep 09, 2016 · Last week, Nintendo hosted a big, 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct. They announced some new games, some ports of hit Wii U titles, and offered new details for games as far off as early 2017. Additionally, the company surprise-launched some of the best new 3DS StreetPass games in some time.